The Evil Thor - updated version

This is the updated version of the Mighty Thor...
have updated the hair and his clothes,shoes,
the grip and position of his hammer.


The Evil Thor Concept Sculpt

Participated in CG Tantra's Modeling/Sculpting
Contest,the subject was 'Superhero gone bad',my subject is the 'Mighty Thor'....here are some pics which shows how I went with it..also this is my first full body sculpt in Zbrush.


This just came out of curiosity,after seeing this pic of our
society's idol of bappa.Just played with the colourize option
in Photoshop.


Again a very old illustration....photo inks.
coloured the background in photoshop.


This is a very old illustration,which I did 6 years
back when I was in college.I like to work with Photo inks,
this artwork reminds me of the old days when we never
used Comps & tablets.thats why its special for me.


Maharathi Karna!

This is one of my character designs which I did
at the very start of
my career.did it three years ago.


First Model in Zbrush...from Polysphere

This is my first model in Zbrush.I didn't use any
base mesh..directly sculpted it.



This is a concept inspired from the Transformer autobots.
But I didn't use them for reference.I cannot match the work
done by the Lead robot Illustrator for the film, Ben Procter.
because there's a lot of study behind it.I am still working on this
concept...and have been working for the past 4 months.
This is totally done in Photoshop....without using any texture...
total paint.


I did this concept just out of fascination.the lighting
in this particular scene where ironman flies for the
first time was awesome.